Aug 8, 2008

What is StoryBerry? - Presentation Video and Script

This video describes basic information of Storyberry, a brand-new web contents site. Please enjoy it :)

Storyberry is web service for the user-generated contents creator.

As you can see, making a slideshow, a quiz, and even a game get easier with StoryBerry!

+ The following text is screencast script.

Hello, I'm James Oh, the service planner of ISEEYOU.
From now, let me introduce our new web service, STORYBERRY.
I will show you what is Storyberry, and how the service works.

Storyberry is Adobe Flash technology based contents platform, which can contain texts, pictures, sounds, and movies. What you have to do is open up our site, Just put all of media with Storyberry, then you can builds up your own story in a minute.

This is Storyberry player, works on the logic of Click and Play. As I mentioned, just CLICK the start button for the playing.

From the beginning, you can see the loading bar and ad panel.Here is the empty screen, but, when you click the screen, a picture and text spread out, and click
again - next line shows.

Unlike the movies or VOD, Storyberry player waits your click, or keyboard interaction. That's why we call it as Click and Play.However, you can press the autoplay button, then you can watch the story with non-clicking.

You've just watched stretching an image to full size, and fading out. That is one of effects in Storyberry player.

Let's test the text input. Storyberry contents can dealing with variations, story brenchs - that means multi scenario.

Anyway, everyone seems to bored, so I will play the music.
"It's a sin to tell a lie", Yeah. It's my favorite.

This time, I will show you the basic function of our player, Image Slideshow.Picture and text are the most basic, and important media in Storyberry, because it is easy to handle with.

And now, I will show you the example for the testing variation, and Story brench.
Let's start... a quiz.

One plus one eqaul...? Yeah, you know the answer. Even a monkey knows the answer, I think.But I will choose the number 1.
Oops, it was wrong answer...
So I have to solve it again. Did you just see the answer 1 has been changed? Yeah, the player know I did wrong before.
But I cannot accept why one plus one is not one. So choose it again, Umm.Yeah, the answer is number 2. That's correct.As you have just watched, Storyberry Player can operate text input, multi-scenario, and variation.

The content now I'm playing is created by one of our users. It's demonstration of toys.
Narration texts, click click click, and finally, there's a picture of super mario brick toy.
Only the picture could be nothing, but with the movie and sound, a common user can make extraordinary demo very easily.Please enjoy for the great work!

Now I'm opening a game content, also created by another user.
This is called 'Visual Novel', an interactive fiction game featuring mostly static graphics, usually with anime-style art. There's a huge market in Japan for this type of games, which named KOMIKE.
Background Image, Standing Characters, Selective Scenarios, Screen effects are typical format of these game genre.
Yes, that's the select menu. You can eat the drug, or discard it. I think, I don't want it.
Storyberry player has Save and Load function for the logged in user because of the multi-ending, and long text script. So users can save at the point, and can load the scene where they've been played later.And user can control the text effects, like speed, so contents player can be custumized in various ways.
Uh, I took the wrong way. Game Over...

The Last screen of content has a lot of things to do, but I will use the sharing function. You can embedding Storyberry player to blog of mine, or everywhere.But, you know, you can get user comments, and recommendation with our player, very easily. So don't worry.
Also we support expose information of content, so you can use Creative Commons licensed Media with attribution.And later, we have a plan to add purchase module for the commercial contents.
If you click User Page button, you can go to the social networking page, so you can interact with story creator directly.

This is StoryPhoto, the easist version of storyberry contents creator. Just set the
title, add pictures what you like, musics, and drag the object for the layout, tile the background image, type the script... and last, publish it!You can get your own slideshow in few minutes.
And now we are support the PhotoBucket, so you can use huge amount of images on the web. That means creating Story could be a piece of a cake. Just click on, choose the category, then, finished!
Now you have your own story, on the net.

Here we are in the first page of the Storyberry. You can see the Story list - digg like page for the famous, most viewed contents, and story maker - at the beginning, I had shown the Easy version of storyberry contents maker, but this time, I will show you the most powerful, and creative version of our tool made by FLEX technology.

This is Story Editor.
All scripts is based on ReAPI - which means Really Easy API. You can put your media, and manipulate with tags just like HTML, and plays linear, line after lines.
You can play the preview in the editor.

Yeah, It's Star Wars Opening. I spend about 2 minutes to made it.

If you don't know about the tags, then open the tags menu, and click the help button. A short demonstration will show you how it works and how to do. We have plan to support templetes for the fast and easy build up for amature contents creators.

That's Storyberry, with our our powerful, and exciting service, all of creator doesn't need to use professional application, and easily express ourselves unlike movie contents.

All you need is an idea.
Thank you.

Apr 13, 2008

Indie Life™ of isdead: #14, The Perfect Indie

Yeah. Peggle is pretty sweet, and addictive. Very much.

So let's listen the music, 'Ode To Joy'!

Apr 1, 2008

Mind reading quiz with Storyberry!

This test will read your favorite! Be aware!

Mar 20, 2008

Overnight Survivor: The First Trailer

(If you wanna see the exact size of this trailer, go to )

Overnight Survivor: The First Trailer

We always awaiting new member for our project, Overnight Survivor!

Feb 24, 2008

Overnight Survivor! - The Concept

The story begins with a man who works for IT Company. (Maybe it could be one of tiny game developer) There were 12 employees, but the company didn't get thier profit from own solution, so 7 members resigned. Anyway, the last 2 of 5 had a cold, because of the heating system failure of office.

Our hero worked at the company about 1 year, but the boss didn't paid his salary 3 months, because there is no money!

So he decided to quit the company, but, at the time, the boss brings a news for the three survivors.

"Now, we have to finish the great project in three days, then we can get the money for salary and continue previous plan of our company!"

Finally, our hero, lead programmer and project manager(if there is something like management), has to finish the project with his team. The 23-year-old retarded newbie coder, 21-year-old designer who always calling someone like her boyfriends... Damn!!

And he is YOU.

There are only 72 hours.

You have no time.

You are tired.

You are hungry.

So, can you survive?


One of our member, Timur Izhbulatov, has made the main theme music of our game. I'll uploaded it when I finish the final concept and its banner.

Feb 17, 2008

Overnight Survivor!

Hey, guys! I decided to make a game for StoryBerry. This game will be the first game which is the multilingual game with StoryBerry platform.

The StoryBerry is still Korean, but I'll make English version soon. (Don't worry, I have nothing to do with translation. I know my English skill sucks! =p)

If you interested in this game, "Overnight Survivor!", just send a E-mail, or Comment here! And let's make it cool! =)

A concept art. It's a copy from this.

Feb 11, 2008

The Interview of James Rolfe, The Creater of Angry Video Game Nerd, from Pig-Min!

The most famous Korean indie game webzine MEETS the most famous game nerd!

Please enjoy it =)