Aug 13, 2007

Indie Life™ - Seminar for the Party of the Games

게임당 means "The Party of The Games".

After the seminar.

There was a seminar for my Party of the Games. It's for workers who working in the Korean game industry. The contents of conversation and session is closed issue, so I cannot tell you about that.

Anyway, it was pretty cool! Now I'm planning next seminar end of the this month.

Indie Life™ of mrkwang: #10, Indie Of The Dark

*All story was the real events.

PlayTalk ( is one of Korean Microblog service like Twitter. It's very simple, and its lounge is kinda active. And Oisoo Lee, he is very famous novelist in Korea as Stephen King (genre is a bit different, though.) There was a invitation event for NDSL, and he invited many of his student. So I won a NDSL with Nintendogs! =)

And you know what is the Whitecoats, the pup of Harp Seal. They're so cute, and I have two of 'em!! (as toys)
There's a game for whitecoat from Japan, anyway. If you interested, follow the link (

Aug 11, 2007

Aug 10, 2007

Indie Life™ - Breaktime


Aug 9, 2007

Indie Life™ of isdead: #8, Boulevard of Indie Games

Official Homepage:

Valdis Story is one of the really cool Platformer. It has to improve some bugs anyway, Valdis Story has very interesting concept like Soul Alter.

Indie Life™ of isdead: #7, Knockin' on Burger King's Door

Someone asked me exsistence of the Burger King game. Online Shop

Cool, isn't it?

Aug 7, 2007

Indie Life™ - Burn out.

I was kept up all night last night, because I have to go to airport. So my Indie Life™ has to delay... Sorry for all, again!
However, tomorrow, I'll upload #7 and #8 continuously.


I made this one last night.

Indie Life™ of isdead: #6, Upward Spiral

I was played an indie game, so the updating has been little bit late. Anyway, last 5 strips were for character introducing, so this(and next) time, I'll draw about the indie game and indie designer's(me) life.

Aug 6, 2007

Indie Life™ - Today, I have a party with my Pig-Min members at my home.

(From Left, Clockwise) isdead, wings, Bluedisk, mrkwang

We drank Beer, Kahlua Milk, Jack Coke, and Soju.

Before we grill some porks, I spilt a Kimchi.

And Bluedisk spilt a milk.

We had a great party!! The member were mrkwang: the admin of Pig-Min, Bluedisk: the famous guy(Some day, I'll make a spin-off series for him), wings: a girl who works in the 'online game' company, and me.

Also we had very nice conversation about musics, movies, and games all night. This was a nice experience to me, anyway.

However, I had to dish all of dishes, so I'm a bit tired now. That's the reason why I passed today's strip. Sorry for everyone! =p

Aug 5, 2007

Indie Life™ of isdead: #5, Koreanman in Boston

Sorry for late updating. Today's comic is little bit high-rated contents, so I need to censor some THINGS.

Aug 4, 2007

Too hot!!

These days in Seoul, makes me irritating. So humid, too hot(83℉)...

Anyway, I have some news for everyone.

1. My Korean Blog ( have the visitors about 10,000 people. Three guys drew celebration artworks for me. (That was cool!) You can have it from my blog.

2. Indie Life™ comic strip updates every 00:00 in KST. And no scrap permitted.

3. I'm planning the seminar for "The Party of the Games."(PG, in contraction) PG is a session for the people who works in Korean Game industry.

4. The font problem had solved. I found the license of Windows default fonts, but it's not for free. So I accepted Un-font, which a Korean True-type font with GPL.

Indie Life™ of isdead: #4, Smell Like Teen Indie-gamer

Fallout Rules.

Aug 3, 2007

Indie Life™ of isdead: #3, Another Types of the Character

However, Venture Arctic was a cool game which have serious system and very beautiful scene.
The only reason I discard the game was poorly polygonized seal pup. =(

Check out these: Venture Arctic's Seal Pup / Real Harp Seal's babies

Aug 2, 2007

Indie Life™ of isdead: #2, Whopper gone wild

mrkwang is the Deputy/Admin of Pig-Min, the famous Korean Indie Game Web-zine.
Well, you can understand my immanent feeling to whopper with following cartoon.