Dec 25, 2007

Indie Life™ - Merry Christmas!

Merry christmas, and happy new year to everyone!
I wish I could finish the 14th story of the before the happy new year... =(

Dec 15, 2007


You can see the article about the Indie Life™ from here:

Thanks to GameSetWatch, which is game weblog from the people who run GameDeveloper and Gamasutra.

The last sentence was impressive.

...and Korean indie game site Pig-Min is doing really weird indie game-centric comics in English - here's the full set, don't say I didn't warn you.

Well, I don't think I'm not that weird anyway. Thanks to the Simon Carless, who posted this.

[Walkthrough] Lost in the Static

I made simple walkthrough of Lost In The Static in Korean before, but I finally, translated it for my subscribers.

This is STORYBERRY, which can make contents with Text, Music, Video, by reordering and producing them.

If you want to see the full size of this, click here. (The website is all Korean, but don't worry.)

You can download Lost In The Static from here:

Just enjoy it! =)

Dec 14, 2007

Recent News and notices

I'm always sorry for late of new Indie Life™ to my subscriber. Yeah, I have been so busy for my new job.

Anyway, there's some News about me, and my project. (And sorry again, there's nothing about my comic strip.)

  1. Service Planner

    Now I'm working at the ISEEYOU Co., Ltd. as a service planner. I'm working for the STORYBERRY, which is the New-generation Multimedia Contents Making and Distributing Service. I'll add the note about our service in the next article.

  2. 5th Party of PG (The Party of Games)

    You know the PG, a group for workers in Korean Game Industry. And our monthly party was successfully finished. We talked about new coming game titles and their behind stories. (That's always interesting)

  3. has opened

    About 3 years ago, I know there's empty seat for .com address… but the thing has been changed – I finally purchased '.kr ' domain for myself. Not bad… but I wanted it so much. =(

  4. RSS Feed address has been changed

    I'd accepted FeedBurner Service for checking the organized status.

  5. New information - My LinkedIn Address – Japanese version of Cynical Felix franchise.

Well, that's all. I will post other new important things sooner. (Or later)

Oh, and I'm going to make 14th story of Indie Life™. Its concept was almost finished 3 month ago, but you know. ;)

Sep 30, 2007

Indie Life™ - A party for [The Party Of The Game]

We had a party in Kirin Beer Festa, in Kang-nam, Seoul.

A slim Teriyaki Pizza for side dish.

K군(Mr. K), isdead, and meta. There was two more people!

Our successful dinner!

The famous Korean alcoholic beverage, Soju.

"Grilled meat and begetables on skewers", 꼬치.

and finally, Tuna Tadaki.

As all of you know, I'm running a community for game industry workers. Few days ago, the Party Of The Games had a small party for Korean national holiday, Chuseok.

And you can enjoy with us!

Sep 17, 2007

Indie Life™ of isdead: #13, Down With The Indieness

Leviathan, the Law-taku and the law school student and the Game Reviewer of Pig-Min, is now studying for his class of Civil Law.

Sep 5, 2007

Indie Life™ of isdead: #Spin off Ep.: One

That hair style, 쑥대머리 in Korean, was inspired by Korean comedy show. However, my mother doesn't know that. What a irony!

(The image of Korean comedy show, 쑥대머리)

Sep 4, 2007

Indie Life™ of isdead: #12, Stairway To Indie

LIERO was my favorite freeware game when I was young. Its bloody mess, shooting sound, and hardcore effect were very refreshing to me.

You can get the game and the information from the following links.

Official Page:

Indie Life™ of isdead: #11, Behind Indie Eyes

Aug 13, 2007

Indie Life™ - Seminar for the Party of the Games

게임당 means "The Party of The Games".

After the seminar.

There was a seminar for my Party of the Games. It's for workers who working in the Korean game industry. The contents of conversation and session is closed issue, so I cannot tell you about that.

Anyway, it was pretty cool! Now I'm planning next seminar end of the this month.

Indie Life™ of mrkwang: #10, Indie Of The Dark

*All story was the real events.

PlayTalk ( is one of Korean Microblog service like Twitter. It's very simple, and its lounge is kinda active. And Oisoo Lee, he is very famous novelist in Korea as Stephen King (genre is a bit different, though.) There was a invitation event for NDSL, and he invited many of his student. So I won a NDSL with Nintendogs! =)

And you know what is the Whitecoats, the pup of Harp Seal. They're so cute, and I have two of 'em!! (as toys)
There's a game for whitecoat from Japan, anyway. If you interested, follow the link (

Aug 11, 2007

Aug 10, 2007

Indie Life™ - Breaktime


Aug 9, 2007

Indie Life™ of isdead: #8, Boulevard of Indie Games

Official Homepage:

Valdis Story is one of the really cool Platformer. It has to improve some bugs anyway, Valdis Story has very interesting concept like Soul Alter.

Indie Life™ of isdead: #7, Knockin' on Burger King's Door

Someone asked me exsistence of the Burger King game. Online Shop

Cool, isn't it?

Aug 7, 2007

Indie Life™ - Burn out.

I was kept up all night last night, because I have to go to airport. So my Indie Life™ has to delay... Sorry for all, again!
However, tomorrow, I'll upload #7 and #8 continuously.


I made this one last night.