Aug 6, 2007

Indie Life™ - Today, I have a party with my Pig-Min members at my home.

(From Left, Clockwise) isdead, wings, Bluedisk, mrkwang

We drank Beer, Kahlua Milk, Jack Coke, and Soju.

Before we grill some porks, I spilt a Kimchi.

And Bluedisk spilt a milk.

We had a great party!! The member were mrkwang: the admin of Pig-Min, Bluedisk: the famous guy(Some day, I'll make a spin-off series for him), wings: a girl who works in the 'online game' company, and me.

Also we had very nice conversation about musics, movies, and games all night. This was a nice experience to me, anyway.

However, I had to dish all of dishes, so I'm a bit tired now. That's the reason why I passed today's strip. Sorry for everyone! =p

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