Sep 30, 2007

Indie Life™ - A party for [The Party Of The Game]

We had a party in Kirin Beer Festa, in Kang-nam, Seoul.

A slim Teriyaki Pizza for side dish.

K군(Mr. K), isdead, and meta. There was two more people!

Our successful dinner!

The famous Korean alcoholic beverage, Soju.

"Grilled meat and begetables on skewers", 꼬치.

and finally, Tuna Tadaki.

As all of you know, I'm running a community for game industry workers. Few days ago, the Party Of The Games had a small party for Korean national holiday, Chuseok.

And you can enjoy with us!

1 comment:

milgarian said...

OMG!! I miss butter-bread in Kirin!!
So yummy!