Dec 14, 2007

Recent News and notices

I'm always sorry for late of new Indie Life™ to my subscriber. Yeah, I have been so busy for my new job.

Anyway, there's some News about me, and my project. (And sorry again, there's nothing about my comic strip.)

  1. Service Planner

    Now I'm working at the ISEEYOU Co., Ltd. as a service planner. I'm working for the STORYBERRY, which is the New-generation Multimedia Contents Making and Distributing Service. I'll add the note about our service in the next article.

  2. 5th Party of PG (The Party of Games)

    You know the PG, a group for workers in Korean Game Industry. And our monthly party was successfully finished. We talked about new coming game titles and their behind stories. (That's always interesting)

  3. has opened

    About 3 years ago, I know there's empty seat for .com address… but the thing has been changed – I finally purchased '.kr ' domain for myself. Not bad… but I wanted it so much. =(

  4. RSS Feed address has been changed

    I'd accepted FeedBurner Service for checking the organized status.

  5. New information - My LinkedIn Address – Japanese version of Cynical Felix franchise.

Well, that's all. I will post other new important things sooner. (Or later)

Oh, and I'm going to make 14th story of Indie Life™. Its concept was almost finished 3 month ago, but you know. ;)

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